Keeping Culture in the Craft


We train, teach, advise, prompt, and instruct to help players prepare and improve to enhance player market value.


We provide experienced & trusted advising that provides guidance in skill development and life counseling.


We provide concise knowledge and analysis to develop and maximize the potential and talent of every player.

About Futbolure

Futbolure, a division of Far I Vision LLC, is an entity established with the goal of forward progression in football culture and economic standing. Futbolure stresses the importance of player development by enhancing talent, maximizing their on-the-field potential, preserving the identity of their heritage, integrating with those of other backgrounds, and becoming more rounded off the field (personal & business).

Our mission is to inspire, develop and guide adolescents and young adults who are determined to manifest their dreams on & off the field. We do this by focusing on the growth of the body, mind, and spirit. We train, develop, mentor, and represent aspiring professional football players. Futbolure also mentors, markets, and enhances player market value, and teaches life & business principles that reach beyond the field.

Our Founder, Christopher Michael Christian

Christopher Michael Christian has been in the professional realm of football across the globe for over 10 years. From Ghana to Estonia and Mexico, Chris has dedicated his life to studying the beautiful game and its parallels to the life and culture of the people it represents.

What’s In Store For You?

Our Services

Futbolure provides holistic services for young adolescents to fulfill their potential.


  • Hourly (by Appointment)
    • Individual training geared to a specific need.
    • Phone consult: strengths & opportunities for improvement.
    • Physical Session: 60-minute training session in person.
    • Game analysis & training.
    • Guidance on club decisions, how to prepare for next season, etc. 


  • Monthly: 
    • Package of 4 sessions (1 per week for 1 month)
    • Package of 12 sessions (1 per week for 3 months)


  • Beyond the field  (1 hour per session)
    • Life Coaching & Mentoring.
    • Understand key nutrition concepts, the power of the mind-body connection, and how to pursue your passion.
    • Begin a transformational journey to nourish, heal, and thrive with a leading health & life coach.
    • Brainstorm & plan for doing the work you love.


  • Involving 10% of Contract Value.
  • Representing clients in business deals, negotiating on clients’ behalf, and managing marketing and promotion activities.
  • Market and promote sports clients, negotiate contracts, handle endorsement deals, and manage an athlete’s finances. Identify and recruit new talent, oversee public relations, and form relationships with players.


  • 8 Week Professional Development for 1-3 top players in the club
      • 8 trainings emphasizing on areas of development: Possession, Defending, Tactical Awareness.
      • 8 match evaluations


  • Club Clinics
    • On-Field Topics: building possession, defensive tactics, finishing the course, positional training.
    • Off-Field Topics: tactics/attitude, rapport, business building, business credit, how relationships play a role in your performance, daily discipline.


Customer Says

Being in relation and in experience, on and off the field, with Chris has produced a new look at life and zeal for all aspects of it. As a young center-back who was fortunate to play alongside a revolutionary and champion, I was honored to learn higher principles, grow my focus of control, and adjust to the new places and spaces I was involved with. I’m grateful to the lead of Chris; a wise, insightful, steady veteran, who taught me in ways seen and in ways unseen, through words and through deeds. My experience with Chris has given me the pleasure to reason and grow with him along the journey of life.
Robert Hines II
Cook/Caterer, Model, and Musician
Over the last 5 years, I’ve had the opportunities to work with Chris to be teammates with him, and be mentored by him. What I can say without a doubt is that he has a core of integrity and honesty. He has a strong work ethic and is not afraid to express his outside-the-box thinking to get the job done. He carries himself in a respectful and humble manner in all that he does. I would recommend him/his services to anyone.
Julius James
Pro Academy Coach at Intermiami CF
My experience with “ Futbolure” has been intrinsic in the development of my son’s professional achievement. I am a parent of a professional futballer. My son began his training with “Futbolure’s” Mr. Christian at age 9. This training was customized to his talent, weaknesses, personal goals, and mental outlook. I am not a futballer. My vocation is music, culture, and art. However, holistic fundamental training yields results in all disciplines. The philosophy, guidance, and futball training my son received correlates to successful people regardless of vocation. Futbolure’s guidance was influential in my son’s goal of becoming a professional futballer. Most important and often overlooked by parents is the mindset of our children. Futbolure training is foundational to the success of young people, futballers, and ultimately successful people.
Ali Jackson
Parent and International Artist

Futbolure is an entity established with the goal of forward progression in football culture and economic standing through coaching, mentorship, and consulting.


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