About Us


Utilize Your Divine Talent & Maximize Your Potential

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a beacon of liberation, self-sustainability, and interdependency among entrepreneurs looking to maximize their potential and manifest tangible progress in their respective entrepreneurial journeys.

Our Mission

We support entrepreneurs as they journey toward self-discovery, empower them to go within their unique selves, assist them in establishing a deeper connection between them and their culture, and celebrate them as they succeed in their goals.

Sharing Customs & Culture to Liberate as a Community.

Far I Vision is a call to our roots, taking advantage of the path our ancestors have laid for us while laying the next stone(s) for the coming generations. The vision is rooted in Africa, where (Wo)Man learned to flourish in excellence. The light and rallying cry for true sovereignty and liberation arose again in Ethiopia during the times of Emperor Haile Selassie. The Father of Africa championed international morality as he oversaw the modernization of his country through friendly ties with other nations. The people of Ethiopia expanded their education and returned with valuable assets to help uplift their socioeconomic status with a constant focus on the spiritual and cultural grounding.

The Emperor was also at the forefront of peacekeeping amongst other nations as well as an inspiration for the attainment of liberation. During his reign, the Organization of African Unity was formed with headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Today his words live on through the struggle to become free from bondage. It is evident through international trade, travel, and technology that (Wo)Man is dependent upon one another.

By way of education, we shall learn tolerance and respect for each one’s culture. Such realization brings about the ability to forge lasting relationships where the customs, resources, and means to achieve become accessible to all across the face of the Earth. More and more today, we see (Wo)Man putting their Divine skill sets to work, bringing about growth and positive change. Now is a time to fully recognize our potential and build with one another by taking advantage of the unique gifts harvested from different backgrounds and cultures.

Our Founder,
Christopher Michael Christian

Christopher Michael Christian has been in the professional realm of football across the globe for over 10 years. From Ghana to Estonia and Mexico, Chris has dedicated his life to studying the beautiful game and its parallels to the life and culture of the people it represents. As a business and life coach, Chris Christian understands that we are in a world where we have access to people and a wealth of knowledge that can be leveraged for self-improvement and healing, bringing forth an interdependency of cultures and different cultures coming together to help one another advance. Having established a strong connection with his self-identity, culture, and heritage, Chris Christian desires to further his legacy by providing a coaching experience with an added layer of depth by prompting entrepreneurs to begin their journey of self-discovery and manifest greatness from within themselves.