Towards the end of college, I started to detach from mainstream activities and question the world I was in. I didn’t like the idea of being ushered into a path that would not suit me. I always saw myself as an outlier, and I began to explore that in my heart, I saw my environment changing before my eyes as my choices became different. I started to feel the power to harness the current of energy within and direct it into my endeavors. I believed I could live my life according to how I saw fit and not by the influence or pressures of society. I wanted to be independent and, in a sense, have the means to accomplish anything I put my intention to. The majority of teachings and lessons that helped shape who I’ve grown into were not in classrooms. I saw the need to interact, connect and make a conscious effort to build with those in my growing network. The more people we are open to engaging with, the more our chances increase to meet individuals who will help us on our walk. With the right intention, we can put ourselves in environments that present positive opportunities to elevate. 

Present-day, this is as good a time as ever for us as a people to journey within ourselves and recognize how to put our talents to use. We are each built in a unique manner and have the responsibility to pass on the knowledge and skill. This not only allows others to benefit from it but raise the bar as well. Far I Vision is now a tangible manifestation that encourages others to begin or continue producing from the wellspring of riches that arise within us.

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